As part of our budget-friendly philosophy, I hand picked a brand that I feel embodies the sort of high quality fixture Plumbtile could stand behind as well as not empty one’s wallet. Kohler has been introducing a lot of new products recently, so now is a good of time as any to show you their more economical offerings.Kohler has been around for over a century, starting their work in plumbing almost as an after thought- founder John Michael Kohler coated a cast iron horse trough in enamel to create Kohler’s first bathtub. Since then they have expanded their kitchen and bath offerings to accommodate a wide variety of contemporary and transitional styles.

Kohler recently had a low-flow toilet featured in Consumer Reports, which is also falls into our budget friendly purview. They have been a WaterSense partner since its inception and have won the Manufacturing Partner Of The Year for 2008 and 2009. The Kohler K-3609 is a low flow toilet that can be set to either run 1.6 gallons per minute or an incredibly efficient 1.28 gpm. Despite the low amount of water used, this model performs just as well as older toilets with a higher gpm. This model features simple, unobtrusive lines without looking completely mundane. In addition to their versatile looks and water efficiency, these toilets don’t just come in porcelain white. Kohler offers 7 finishes including black, so that a nuanced match to a preexisting color palette is possible.

On the kitchen side of things, Kohler has a brand new series of sinks available, along with accompanying faucets. Their Hartland sinks are classic looking enamel covered sinks that are as deep as they are attractive. Paired with their new Purist line of faucets, one could easily have a sink that evokes the sensibilities of an older, farmhouse sink with all the utility modern faucets have to offer.

These faucets are easy to use, even with wet hands, and can come with a pull out spout or a separate sprayer. Essential for the kitchen! To top it all off, these options are all easy on the budget, despite the refined aesthetics and premium build quality.

On their site, Kohler provides a list of WaterSense compatible faucets and toilets to make it easy to save money and water to help our planet. Any product you find listed there is available at Let us help you get the water savings you want today.

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