You Can Use Colors and Patterns


Color In The Home

Did you know that you can use bold colors and patterns in your home to create a unique and beautiful space? Most people are afraid of colors or patterns. While it is said that using too much color or patterns can create a claustrophobic room, it doesn’t have to be the plainest. You can utilize bright colors and interesting patterns to make a memorable design, but keep in mind you have to find the right balance. Once you are able to find the right balance, you’ll be surprised about the life you bring to that room.

First trick of the trade is to use a bold color with a more neutral pattern. Using a strong color choice such as dark green or blue with a more geometric pattern can create a fun, modern design without overpowering the room. Blue or green colors are calming yet bold and a patter such as geometric tiles or wallpaper is more neutral offsetting the other. You can also add color with your finishes. You can use gold finishing’s in the faucet, paper holder, handles and even a towel ring. This will add some elegant touches with class. For instance, you can use a Belwith Keeler – Firenze T-Knob 2-1/2 Inch X 1 Inch Brushed Golden Brass handle for your vanity to brighten up any smaller bathroom. These handles are truly stunning.

You can use color and patterns effectively. You just need to make sure they balance each other. Otherwise you will make a small space feel even smaller. Wallpaper is a great way to showcase some creativity and design. You can add interesting patterns and colors just make sure they are used in a balanced, focused way. Wallpaper is a great way to introduce an interesting pattern and create serious impact in a small space. Do not overwhelm your space. This powder room showcases a playful wallpaper which is balanced out by the dark wood of the sink, white walls and light accents. Don’t forget less is more in a small space. The details can set the tone for the rest of the room.

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