Why Choose a Wall Mount Faucet?


Wall mount faucets are not just for the shower you can now have them for your kitchen sink! But when you are making a style choice the you need to consider function and fashion. When you are looking at fashion you need to keep in mind of your colors, sink and flooring you need to get something that compliments all of these features.

You also probably will not want more then what you need, for example, if you are only remodeling a powder room you don’t want to pay for a large elaborate faucet when a smaller standard one will do. Save those bucks for the bigger remodels!

Wall mounted faucets are elegant, quirky and a unique surprise to any bathroom or kitchen remodels. Some of the perks are:

  • Free up more counter space
  • Can also be installed higher on the wall, leaving ample room to move in the sink
  • Large variety of different styles and finishes to choose from

Unless you are very familiar with installing these types of faucets it might be best to contact a plumber, this type of faucet is not your typical installation.

More and more people are going smaller and more compact for their living space. While a large luxurious bathroom or huge eat in kitchen is wonderful, the “Tiny House” is all the craze! These types of faucets are perfect, you no longer have to live with just the standard faucet these faucets are perfect for the tiny house. Allowing the luxury of a high end look while giving you extra sink space.

Wall mounted faucets will give you the best of both worlds: Fashion and Function. Small space this is for you! Large beautiful farmer’s sink this is for you! Fall in love with your kitchen and bathroom with a beautiful wall mounted faucet!