Tips on Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

Is the next renovation project your bathroom? The best and cheapest route to go in making a significant change is purchasing new bathroom fixtures. There are so many to choose from, that it can become overwhelming and strenuous. You will have to consider style, functionality, cost and how compatible they will be to your bathroom needs.

What should I consider when choosing bathroom fixtures?

Look and feel. Always go for fixtures that match your home. For example, if you are going for a rustic look, Whitehaus may be the best choice. When finally choosing a particular style, this will have to be consistent throughout the room. Other things to consider is how well the fixture compliments the size of your bathroom. The larger the bathroom, the more elegant you can go with the style of your fixtures. The size of your sinks and tubs would determine the style of faucets and handles. With smaller bathrooms, these fixtures should accommodate and not hang over. In larger bathrooms, it may not be aesthetically pleasing to obtain significantly smaller fixtures that can get lost.

Functionality. The people using your bathroom will grossly affect the fixtures you choose to purchase. If you have children, you may want to purchase knobs that are easy to turn on and off. The spouts may need to be easily reachable if a child has to wash their hands or fill up a tumbler. To minimize confusion for smaller children, it’s also smarter to go with dual taps as opposed to one. Earth to Peter has a variety of cleverly shaped pulls for your cabinets that make is easier for kids to use and will still stick to the theme of your room.

For many, the most important item in a bathroom is the shower head. There are so many options to go with. Many prefer one that offers various settings that range from waterfall to massage jet. Whatever your preference, there is an option for it.

With any of these purchase, however, be sure that it supports the pressure and temperature ratings that are available in your home. While the features on the package may be appealing, if it can’t work in your home, it’s not worth the purchase.

Cost. While there are a world of options, you will have to determine what is within your budget reach. A budget will help narrow down the options for your own bathroom. If your taste is beyond what’s in your wallet, there are ways around it. For example, you can wait for sales, or even shop online for bargains.

While shopping second hand is an option, it is always best to shop brand new fixtures so that repair and replacement is a lot easier in the future. Consider cheaper material such as brass to use for that bold element of decor in your bathroom.

There is no limits to how you can upgrade a bathroom with the many options of fixtures as your disposal. You’ll be surprised how drastic of a change you can make.