Tile That Looks Like Wood: Porcelain Wood Tile Benefits


Everyone loves a nice wood floor but wood floors are subject to scratching, staining, warping and wear. Tile, by far, is the best flooring for durability, so you want wood but want something that lasts? Porcelain tiles are for you! The manufacturing processes of porcelain tile has come a long way and now are being created to look like natural wood. 

Manufacturers of porcelain tiles are focused on performance and durability and porcelain wood look tile can be used every room kitchens, bathrooms and high traffic areas without the worry of damage from water or wear. Tile is also easier to clean and maintain than real wood.

Wood looking tile is perfect for any style or design including contemporary, rustic, traditional or modern. These types of tiles come in a large range of colors and lengths, each selected to mimic the hues of real wood. Some of the advantages of ceramic/porcelain over hardwood floors

  1. If you have pets, children or wear heels a wood floor can develop over time chips, nicks, and scratches, with porcelain wood looking tile you avoid all of that damage.
  2. Over time wood will expand, crack or stain in wet environments, tile isn’t affected by this and makes it perfect for Kitchen and baths
  3. Unlike wood you can make the planks as wide and/or long as you wantwithout paying blowing your budget.
  4. Radiant heating if becoming more popular for homes in colder parts of the country, with wood you can’t have it because it will damage the wood but with tile…Go for it
  5. Tile is easy to clean and maintain, stays cool in the summer months or for those in a warmer climate.

But nothing is perfect and tile is not perfect. It provides for less noise insulation, not as comfortable for standing for long periods of time, and not all homebuyers like a tiled floor. One of the things you can do to provide extra comfort and noise reductions by adding a cork under-layment and other under-tile insulators. Choose the grout color carefully and make sure you have extra tiles to replace any that get damaged over time.