The Return of The Kitchen Island



Even if you have a small galley kitchen you can have room for an island and experience the JOY of added counter space to work on. In the last few year kitchen islands have been becoming more and more popular, they give you more counter room, extra seating and more work space when you are preparing meals.

Kitchen islands are made in all shapes and styles, you can get a kitchen cart that can be rolled out of the way when you are done using it or you can get a permanent solution by having one built or buying the cabinet, installing it and adding a counter top. Kitchen carts have built in drawers for storage, hooks and even comes with a butcher block top.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution your island can come with or be custom built to add your sink, stove or cook top and can even have the counter top added to overhang the cabinet to give your family added seating. Unlike the kitchen carts your cabinet can be built higher or lower to make the work area more comfortable and allow the seating area to be on a different level.

Some islands can be installed with small vegetable sinks so that when you are preparing meals you can wash and work in that sink and not have your product, meat or fish mix with the sink you wash your hands and dishes in. Kitchen islands can also free up your cabinet space by allowing you to store your pots and pans in them or even hang the from hook inside the cabinets or over the island on a rack.

Whether you have a small apartment or a large farm, house kitchen islands can be your best friend in the kitchen and open your space up for your family.

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