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Hastings One Of A Kind Products

Hastings Bathroom

Hastings is a company that produces bathroom faucets and fixtures. Their products are unique and hip—some of their faucets come in all colors of the rainbow, while their showerheads look like they are from some time in the distant future. Their taste level is on point; their stuff looks innovative but is not too “trendy” or off-putting.

It’s rare to find a company that has multicolored faucets which shows that Hastings fills a niche. Is it a niche that you are interested in filling? We’ll look into all they offer to give you an idea of whether they would be a good fit for you.

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The Luxurious Designs Of Brizo

Brizo bathroom products

Brizo is a luxury bathroom, kitchen fixture, and shower brand that hosts fashion designer Jason Wu. He has created a collection for the company, inspired by midcentury design, which evokes his style ethos on the runway. Brizo’s concept is that luxury is beyond the clothes you wear—it is an entire lifestyle, and their company seeks to bring the luxurious design to your home. They have a wide variety of interesting faucets that they insist are more like “works of art”, and their shower systems look very luxurious. But are they right for you? Read More

Create a Spa with Kaldewei Products

Kaldewei tub

One of the first places you might think to go to relax is to a spa. But you can’t do that every day. Ever consider turning your bathroom into your own personal spa? With the tubs and accessories at Kaldewei, you can do just that.

What Does Kaldewei Offer?

Kaldewei has an immense selection of bathtubs that can fit just about any bathroom as well as any personal design aesthetics. There are several options in multiple shapes: rectangular, oval, corner, even special shapes designed for smaller bathrooms. They are available in a multitude of different colors. And if you are seeking a true spa experience, you can opt for a whirlpool bath, which can help you relax and rejuvenate. Kaldewei also has what they call Skin Touch, a jet that produces tiny bubbles that soften the skin. You can also choose to have special grips and a slip-resistant finish added, which can help make your bathing experience safe. With all of these options, it would be hard to not find something that will fit your needs.

KALDEWEI – Iconic Bathroom Solutions at Plumbtile from PlumbTile on Vimeo.

Why Kaldewei?

First of all, Kaldewei makes their own steel enamel, a unique blend of steel and glass, that is both strong and long-lasting. It is heat, scratch, chemical, and bacteria resistant. The company even guarantees its product for thirty years. Steel enamel is extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Dirt washes away when the bathtub is drained. All the surface needs is a wipe with a damp cloth. Since the material is resistant to even the tiniest scratches, bacteria have nowhere to hide. The steel enamel is also green, everything in the material is recyclable, so that’s another bonus if being eco-friendly is a concern of yours.

A spa experience doesn’t have to be out of the question. Nor does it have to be someone else’s design. With Kaldewei bathtubs, there are so many different options available, allowing you to create your very own getaway right in your own home. We strive to provide the most comprehensive collection of Kaldewei products on the internet. If you are unable to find an item, just click here and we will help you locate it.

Which Tub is Right For You?

There are so many options when choosing a new bathtub. If you are redoing your bathroom or replacing your tub, why not select a bathtub that is going to turn your room into a spa. There are two bathtubs that seem to be the most popular, the jetted and soaking tubs. I’m sure you are wondering what the differences are between these two. Well in order to make an informed decision on which to choose, here are some features of them both. Read More

We Have Exciting News At Plumbtile About DXV Collections!

PlumbTile is proud to announce that we have been selected as one of three authorized retailers across the United States to sell the luxurious brand DXV Collection online! ​DXV is an aspirational high-end brand that features a beautiful bathroom and kitchen fixtures. DXV collections reinterpret the pivotal design eras of Classic, Golden, Modern & Contemporary fusing design with innovation and modern sensibility. Read More

Whirlpools vs. Air Tub: What to Know Before You Purchase

Are you looking to purchase a new tub? If so, you have probably noticed that there are more tubs on the market from the traditional 3-piece shower/tub combo. You can now add whirlpool tubs and air baths to the mix. These luxurious tubs provide a private spa whenever you want to relax and unwind after a long day’s work. Read More

Create Your Zen Bathroom Around a New Bathtub

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Reece-I-Love-My-Bathroom-winner-landscapeIf you need a respite from your busy life, consider transforming your bathroom design into a personal refuge.  There is a Zen saying that goes like this:

Silently sitting by the window. Leaves fall and flowers bloom. The seasons come and go.

Could there be a better life? Zen design highlights our relationship with nature and achieving balance between the two creates the serenity that has made Zen baths so popular.

Hastings Tubs, Toilets and Showers is renowned for providing high-quality, trend-setting bath and tile products. Hastings provides both contemporary and traditional designs imported from the finest manufacturers in Europe. With a diverse selection of ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone tile & trim; faucets, coordinating accessories, white china basins, and bathroom furniture pieces, the Hastings Tile & Bath Collections takes home decor to the cutting edge of design in order to help you achieve your Zen dream.

Here are some simple concepts to keep in mind:

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Modernize Your Bathroom

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Plumbtile: Porcher Bath

Up until now, bathrooms have had very functional looking toilets, tubs, and faucets. They look nice, yes, but not necessarily classy or modern. It is time to modernize your bathroom! The trend today is to revamp your bathroom; make it have style, grace, and individuality while still maintaining that old-as-time functionality. So what does a bathroom need? Tubs, toilets, faucets, and a little storage space for toiletries, towels, and other bathroom necessities, right? The possibilities are endless when you think about it. So many combinations of colors, textures, and uniquely designed furniture and fixtures offer infinite options when you take into the account the uniqueness of the individual who’s got it in their head to remodel and modernize their bathroom. Check out the following tips and ideas for modernizing your bathroom.  Read More