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Kitchen Tiles

For most people the kitchen is more than just a place to grab a snack or make a meal. It is a place where your family and friends come together and talk, laugh and live. A kitchen is usually a personal space and when remodeling people want to add touches that speaks to them. That is why so many people pick Porcelanosa for their tiles. Porcelanosa offers unique and beautiful tile options to bring to life your designs. Read More

Porcelanosa Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles


Homeowners are installing tiles in each room of their homes for décor reasons as well as convenience of keeping their home clean and the durability of the tiles. But what homeowners question is what type to of tiles to use. Porcelain tile? Or ceramic tile? What is the difference?

Ceramic tile are made from clay or a mixture of clay and other materials, then left to dry in the sun or kiln-fired. These tiles can be split into two groups, porcelain tiles and non-porcelain tiles. These non-porcelain tiles are frequently referred to as ceramic tiles by themselves, separate from porcelain tiles. Read More

Planning a Bathroom Remodel? Consider the Functionality and Modernity of Porcelanosa Bath Products.

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At Plumbtile, we are excited to announce that we will begin offering Porcelanosa Bath products in order to provide you with the best in functionality and modernity. Whether it is a full or partial bathroom remodel, Porcelanosa Bath products has an extensive collection of highly functional and modern bathroom offerings to meet all your remodeling desires and needs.

Why Choose Porcelanosa? It’s simple: functionality and modernity.

Remodeling a bathroom is different from remodeling a kitchen or a bedroom, especially when you consider functionality. Choosing the right vanities, sinks, facets, bathtubs, shower enclosures, and toilets can become a rigorous process when considering complete functionality as well as achieving an overall modern look and feel.

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