Splish! Splash!… in a MTI Bath!


MTI BASICS® tubs are ideal for situations when needs are more simple, desires more modest or delivery schedule is critical. This selection includes a variety of tubs in the most popular shapes and sizes, and at a very affordable price. And just because the project has a thin budget, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice craftsmanship and quality

MTI offers Tub and Shower Shields, as well as Full Enclosures, for the more popular sizes of tubs and shower pans. MTI Shields for tubs and showers feature 3/8″ clear tempered safety glass and include square hinges made of solid cast brass available in chrome or brushed nickel finishes. Stainless moving parts ensure superior quality and durability. MTI Full Enclosures for tubs and showers feature 1/2″ clear tempered safety glass and solid stainless steel hardware available in natural or high-polished finish. Rugged, industrial-looking rollers glide along a rock-solid stainless steel track. Precision-machined hardware allows the door to slide effortlessly.

MTI has a wide variety of options that allow you to personalize your tub and increase the enjoyment of your bathing experience. Stereo H2O®, for instance, transforms your tub into a huge sounding board that reproduces rich audio through the water. Or Radiance®, a system that uses radiant heat technology to warm the interior bath tub surface.

Boutique Collection is for those who want to make a design statement. Constructed using MTI’s Engineered Solid-Stone™, each product is a hand-made work of art with the look and feel of molded stone. While all are available as soakers, some can even be specified as air baths.


Designer Collection offers confident styles and a large variety of shapes and sizes for one or more bathers. They are formed in Lucite® high-gloss cast acrylic, and most can be specified as a soaker, air bath, whirlpool or combination whirlpool / air bath in up to nine pre-designed packages, or build your own.

MTI’s Walk-In tub is one solution for those with mobility issues.  Features Quick Release Cable Drain and textured bottom.

MTI Scores again with ADEX!


MTI Baths once again is proud to announce their six ADEX Award wins for 2014. The coveted Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX Awards) are bestowed annually and constitute the largest and most prestigious awards program for product design of furniture, fixtures and finishes marketed to the design trade. Winning PLATINUM ADEX Awards for 2014 are MTI Baths’ low-profile MTSB-4242MT Shower Base, the sleek Petra Counter-Sink, the popular Andrea® 19 tub and the new Juliet tub. These unique products were chosen for embodying innovative design, luxury and functionality.

So come and get your award-winning bathtub today!

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