Small Bathroom Ideas

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hg_classic-metris-classic-washbasin-women_jonas-von-hude_1154x650_rdax_730x411When you have a small bathroom, you need the best small bathroom ideas around to make the most of that space. Instead of having to struggle with only having the bare necessities in your small bathroom, now there are plenty of ideas that can help you make every inch count! Here are some of the best small bathroom designs to help you make your tiny room into one of your favorite places to spend time.

Creative Small Bathroom Ideas

Many people use their over the toilet storage for things like toilet paper and cleaning supplies. However, what if you were to use that for an extra towel or two? Roll them up and stack them on the shelf, giving an option of a splash of color. Many small bathroom designs add in shelves on every wall, and this can work, if you use the right type of shelving. Use small shelves where you need to hold small things, such as a hair brush or tooth brush. Corner units can be built in a way that make them look like they were built when the bathroom was.

Using the right bathroom fixtures can also make the room more usable. Instead of using a flat mirror, use one that has storage either behind the bathroom mirror, or beneath it. That way you can hide medication, nail clippers, and other small items that you do not want sitting out. If you want some more small bathroom ideas, check out the ideas on and see what suggestions they can have. The more creative small bathroom designs you use, the more you will be able to get out of what may be the smallest room in your home. Take some time today, and figure out how a few creative small bathroom designs can make all the difference your room needs.


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