Porcelanosa: Tile Inspired By Nature

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While out shopping lately, have you noticed the sights, sounds and feelings of Autumn?  Bathroom designs are going back to the basics and basing their designs off nature. They are using neutral and more deep colors, and the shapes featured in their designs are mimicking plants and waves, giving designs an organic, yet subtle, feel. Keeping up with the trend, Porcelanosa bath & kitchen are bringing out nature inspired designs in tile.

Starting off subtly, natural stone Kathmandu is a slate tile with uneven texture and color variation, resulting in a truly natural looking and feeling tile that can be used on both the wall and bathroom flooring.

If you’re looking for a bolder statement piece, try an accent wall in Porcelanosa’s ceramic Oxo Garden Arena. The variation of color within the leaf pattern provides an interesting contrast of color allowing you to mix and match additional finishes around the space easily.

If you are seeking a tropical-like space, install the Paradise natural stone pebbles on the floor of your shower. The soft pebbles gently massage the feet while providing the relaxing ambiance of a tropical outdoor showering experience, reminding you of sun, beach and ocean.

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