Modernize Your Outdated Kitchen


You can modernize your kitchen without having to remodel the entire space. Some people think that they have to rip out walls and change the complete layout of their kitchen in order to bring it into the next century. That is not the case, with Plumbtile you can make some simple changes and completely update the look.

There are several simple things you can do such as painting your cabinets for a fresh, clean, new look. Going with a modern pop of color will really bring your entire kitchen together. While you are changing out your colors you will want to update your hardware. Plumbtile offers a great selection of pulls and knobs. To have a more modern style you will want to go with some unique handles. The sensible modern design of the Medici line of knobs and pulls by Vicenza Designs brings oohs and aahs from your guests. Absolutely stunning selection to tie in your sleek refreshed cabinets. If you need assistance in choosing your products, please feel free to call our sales associates at any time at 1-866-758-6284.

Another step to modernizing and refreshing your kitchen look would be your sink and fixtures. An undermount sink is the best way to bring your design together. It makes for a clean prep area with a modern flair. Kohler offers so many beautiful sinks to choose from. I also recommend using a farmhouse sink. They are beautiful with some unique designs and can replace any sink due to the layout.


There are a couple more things you can do to refresh your kitchen from shabby to chic. Don’t forget to choose those beautiful new faucets. Surprisingly a new faucet can completely change your look. Plumbtile has one of the largest selections of fixtures to choose from. We offer Altmans, Blanco, Hansa and so many more.

Snip20160831_10Don’t forget to finish off with your gorgeous backsplash. carries glass, stone and tile products made by major brand designers from around the world. Featuring collections from glass, tile and stone firms such as Adex Tile, America Universal, Cosa Marble, Hirsch Glass, Jeffrey Court, Spec Ceramics and Stone & Pewter Accents, Plumbtile stocks a selection to satisfy all glass, tile and stone product needs. With these simple changes you can show off your new kitchen to all your guests.