Modernize Your Home On a Budget

Not every home we purchase is unique to our own styles. Sometimes we purchase homes based on affordability and need to make a few changes in order to bring an outdated older home into today. You are probably wondering how you can do this one a budget. First you will want to make sure you set a budget. Upgrades to a home if you are not conscientious of your funds can become depleted very quickly.

Once you have set your budget you can begin with choosing wall colors. This is one of the most basic ways to give your home a new modern look. You can paint the walls and the exterior for little money. This will not take much of a hit to your budget. Always start with one room at a time. Make sure to completely finish it so you do not get overwhelmed. You can make your room go from drab to fab in no time. Updated the exterior with some beautiful bold choices. Add new trim and if you have shutters freshen them up. This will definitely give your home an upgraded look.

Next you can update the plumbing and lighting fixtures. Some of the simplest changes can make the most dramatic effect.  Replace the old fixtures with some more modern versions is an excellent option to update these outdated rooms.  For a classy look you can go with bronze of gold faucets, and for more timeless look you can use some chrome fixtures. For the lighting, you will want to go with some pendent lighting or chandeliers. This can really change an entrance way or even create an elegant kitchen or dining room. You would be amazed by what a little lighting can do to a room. Plumbtile offers some great choices for both lighting and kitchen/bath fixtures.

Don’t forget decorating is the final step to bringing your home to the next level. Replacing curtains and blinds can completely change a look. Don’t use heavy drapes as those will tend to bring your look back to the dark ages. It’s about being bright and airy. Hints and dashes of color to make any ro