Mirrors Make a Difference

Did you know there are so many different mirrors and each has its own unique purpose? When choosing the mirror, you want to make sure to take in account what it will be used for.  Plumbtile offers all types of mirrors from shaving mirrors to magnified make up mirrors, and much more.

Keep in mind that when adding mirrors in your bathroom you can create the illusion of a bigger room. When choosing your bathroom mirrors and vanities make sure you select ones that will fit in the space. If you choose ones too large it can make the space look much smaller.  However, if the vanity is too small, it may be inadequate in terms of storage and counter space.

A tip to follow when selecting mirrors is to place them on opposite walls. This will help to reflect the bathroom lighting and make the space appear larger. This is perfect for those smaller powder rooms.

Make sure that when you are selecting a mirror you choose the mirror based on your style and décor. Plumbtile.com carries one of the largest selections of bathroom mirrors. Some of the well-known brands that Plumbtile carries are Alno, Ginger, Fairmont, Designs, Hastings, Herbeau, Keuco, Motiv, Porcher, Samuel Heath, Sonia, and so many more.

If you are looking for a sleek design, you can choose Ginger/Motiv – Sine 16 Inch X 36 Inch Frameless Mirror. This mirror will make any bathroom complete without taking up too much space.

Plumbtile always offers exceptional services and guaranteed price matching. Plumbtile takes pride in offering the best value on bath, shower, kitchen, tile and other home improvement products at the most competitive prices. Whilst we do our best to ensure that we are offering the best pricing occasionally our competitors may offer the same product at a lower price. Be sure to visit Plumbtile for more information.