MGS Taps Have a Lot to Offer

MSG kitchen faucet

The sinks, and the faucets attached, are used a lot, no matter which room they’re in. In the kitchen, they see and wash piles of dishes. In the bathroom, they wash their hands and faces. Despite all of the use, sinks don’t often get thought about. It’s about time your sinks get the respect they deserve. Faucets can make the statement that your sink is important. For a wide selection of kitchen and bathroom faucets, take a look at MGS Taps.

MGS bathroom faucet

What Does MGS Have to Offer?

An Italian manufacturing company, MGS Taps offers a number of stainless steel kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, and bathroom accessories. Within the bathroom faucets collection, there are a few subsets: contemporary beauty, custom-made, and minimal beauty. The faucets are available in the single lever, single hole, wall-mounted, and three-hole, among others. The bathroom accessories include showerheads, hand showers, towel bars, towel rings, toilet paper holders, and toilet brush sets. Most of the faucets and accessories have two finishes to choose from: matte and polished. Others are available in glazed or shiny.

MGS kitchen faucet

Is MGS Right For You?

The company mixes Italian style with Swiss engineering to provide high-quality, durable faucets and accessories that are also quite pleasing to the eye. Each piece is hand-polished after it is manufactured. The faucets are sleek and simple; nothing as elaborate or overly detailed. It is the simplicity that makes them so appealing.

While the faucets and accessories are beautiful and can fit well with any decor or style preference, they are not exactly budget-friendly. A brief search online showed that they range from just over eight hundred dollars to well over a thousand.

Your sinks see a lot of use, yet they are often one of the least thought of fixtures in your home. To give them a sleek, contemporary makeover that will remind you of your sink’s importance, try MGS Taps. Contact us today at Plumbtile and we will help you pick the right tap for you!