Light Up Your Home with Hudson Valley Lighting


Hudson Valley light  Hudson Valley Lighting is a resource for the lights of your kitchen and bathroom. The company was begun by the current CEO’s grandfather in the 1930s and 40s in New York City, but once the business took off moved its facility to the Hudson River Valley. They believe in matching the outward beauty of an object with inner strength, so they value well-made products and oversee all aspects of production. 

The Product

This company has a surprisingly vast array of styles to choose from in bathroom and kitchen lighting. In many instances, you become disappointed by lighting companies because they have the same old variations of identical designs. Hudson Valley Lighting company seems to value imagination and creativity and has many lights in several finishes, with interesting designs. They have a good variety that could suit any homeowner’s fancy, with some more modern, others traditional, and some more ornate and Art Deco. There are many sleek styles and ones that are more naturalistic, with each having the potential to really put together a room in a special way.

Hudson Valley Lighting

Hudson Valley Lighting: Great Lights For Your Home!

This company is a great place to find unique bathroom lighting that is well made. They also have great customer reviews for their products, so you know that they are of high quality. It’s rare to find a lighting company with any imagination, so we were so happy to discover this company. Be sure to check them out so that you can discover what we did when we browsed their products. Lights can make or break a room, and they may have the lighting you are seeking lighting that stands out above the crowd.

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