Let There Be Light! Top 3 Lighting Trends For 2020

Lighting designs and trends, like most things, keep changing with the times. Manufactures are coming up with better technology, advancement in fixtures and bulbs with homeowners incorporate them into their homes. One of the major technology trends now is the smart home, the ability to control your home’s lighting, thermostat and even locking system with an app on your phone. Tastes and preferences also change with generations. 2020 won’t bring huge changes in lighting design, there are several trends that as a homeowner you should be aware of.

Here are the top 3 lighting trends:


Color Trend: Soft Gold

The latest color trends are leaning towards soft, warm color patterns. Homeowners are using colors such as grey, beige, earth tones and soft gold falls is right at home in this spectrum. These colors work wonderfully with all spectrums of your décor. Soft gold brings the soft matte finish of brushed silver and brushed gold enhancing these two hues and bringing out the warmth of gold. This finish can blend with just about any kind of décor from modern urban to farmhouse. Ginger has a line of soft gold lighting scones that are perfect to accent any room.



Style Trends: Retro and Industrial 

Industrial and retro styles are trending because of the minimalist in us all. Long gone are the overstuffed furniture and commercial look to interior design. More homeowners are looking for the rustic finishes, neutral colors with an emphasis on metal. When we think retro, we think the 1960s with lime green and shag carpeting but the new retro are sleek, finer details and tend to look for like a form of art. With industrial we think warehouse-like styles with exposed brick and duct work, bare light bulbs and old florescent lighting. But the modern industrial style lighting has sleeker metals with richer and more varied tones and alternative designs. Keuco has a line of horizontal or vertical installation lighting with a mirrored front panel fluorescent lamps that work well in kitchens and halls. These fixtures also work well if you are looking for a mid-century or art deco style to your lighting design.


Reduce the clutter: Minimalism

Homeowners looking for a modern décor are focused on cleaner lines, less items on table tops and lighting that can save space and look great. The minimalism trend is become more popular in 2020 with low-profile fixtures such as scones, recessed lighting and a new twist on the fluorescent light bars. These fixtures have a simple geometric design with neutral soft colors. Allowing you to remove the bulky table lamps or floor lamps creating a more open feel to your living space. Brizo offers a selection of lighting fixtures in various finished and design that adds the final touches to any room.