The Functional Luxury of JEE-O Bathroom Products

JEE-O Bathroom Products

If you are looking for some amazingly beautiful shower and bath products, look no further than the JEE-O line. JEE-O offers free-standing stainless-steel design shower and bath line. You can use these products both indoors and outdoors. Their flexibility and simplistic design create an atmosphere that is creative for your bathroom or your pool area. You can’t miss with these contemporary designed showers. A great design feature with the JEE-O 365 is that it is all weather frost free. These showers are applicable to any and all weather.

JEE-O has designed their products to enable the entire world to feel and discover the JEE-O experience. They wanted their customer to discover the experience of showering and bathing in endless atmospheres. No matter where you are, what your weather JEE-O creates products with tranquility, peace and space for body and mind,. Always in an ambiance of functional luxury.

JEE-O likes to keep up on all of the latest trends and keep their products bold, refreshing and simplistic. Each product is powerfully designed in order to make sure that the products speaks for themselves. The quality and time that is put into each design shows you the level of craftsmanship. Always keeping up to date on the technological advances JEE-O continuously provides unique and decorative products.

JEE-O offers many different collections. The JEE-O Fatline Collection, JEE-O Flow Collection, JEE-O Original Collection, JEE-O Pure Collection, JEE-O Rio Collection, JEE-O Slimline Collection and the JEE-O Soho Collection. Each collection offers its own unique take.

The Rio Bath Collection

The Rio Bath Collection was actually inspired by Rio de Janeiro. According to JEE-O the city of samba, gave them the energy to create the Rio Series. The tubs have a thin rim bath and the basins have their outer edges curve up for an everlasting impression effect that moves you.

The Soho Collection

Another collection we carry is the Soho Collection. This sleek modern design is a freestanding bath that is made from DADO quartz with integrated overflow.

If you have any questions about any of the JEE-O Collections, please contact one of Plumbtile specialists.