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rainbow-roomsetting-tub-square-floor-rmounted-toilet-and-bidet-slider3Hoesch is a bathroom company that manufactures showers and bathtubs for homeowners all over the world. They have an interesting history that begins almost 300 years ago in Germany with the Hoesch brothers, who built iron-cuttion mills in 1742 and eventually went their separate ways in 1819. They were the first company in Germany to create acrylic bathtubs in the 1970’s and are still known for their bath tub innovation.

We will look at their immense array of bathtubs to give you our honest opinion about their quality and workmanship.

The Products

Hoesch has been around for a long time, so they have developed a lot of expertise on bathrooms. They have a huge array of bathtubs to choose from, all kinds included, like freestanding bathtubs, corner bathtubs, back-to-wall bathtubs and trapezoidal bathtubs. The look of their tubs is modern—they are not one to go to for the antique, claw-footed kind. Some of their offerings are so luxurious that you only wish you could have it in your home, like their water lounge, a clear square tub with a lounge inside. Hoesch is on the cutting edge of technology for tubs and that is made obvious by looking at their array of options.

Good Choice for Cutting Edge Bathtub

This company is a good choice for a bathtub that is very modern and technologically superior. They clearly provide amazing options as well, with hundreds of tubs to choose from. Their bathroom designs are breathtaking in some cases, with surprising additions like ambient lights attached to the tub. Your bath experience would be wonderful and unforgettable with a Hoesch tub, providing you with more than you could have ever imagined. They are pricey, but that can be expected—their bathtubs are top of the line and would probably last for decades.

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