Guidance on Renovating a Small Bathroom

When it comes to renovating a small bathroom, the design can either bring on stress or provide a simple sanctuary for your long days. There are ways to avoid drastic mistakes that so many have made when it came to changing the look and feel of your small bathroom.

How can I make my small bathroom a sanctuary?

Declutter. When it comes to any space, the more items are around, the smaller the area feels. Remove any access items in your bathroom that are not necessary for the decor. If the focal point of your bathroom is a tub, be sure not to clutter the corners with products. Not only does this free up the area and bring more space into the room, but it will be a lot easier to clean. 

The bigger the better. The larger the decorative items, the more space you will free up. At the same time, keep the decor to a minimum. Use larger tiles rather than mini ones. Keep to simple designs. Too many patterns or detail can bring back the clutter you removed when clearing your countertops and surfaces.

Go with the shower instead. In many places, there isn’t enough space for a tub. Go with a walk in shower. Graff offers a variety of shower panels to give you that spa feeling. This will provide the feeling of more room. Not to mention, you won’t have to perform acrobatics to get into your shower. To provide that fluidity in the room, introduce tile throughout. In addition, use glass partitions or glass sliding doors to allow light to hit all visible areas. Wall niches are also ideal in keeping the area free from clutter.

Be smart with cabinet placement. The wrong size can make any bathroom feel smaller. Storage can be worked around plumbing. In addition, small niches similar to what is used for walk in showers can also be used for storage spaces and cabinetry. Hide cabinet space between a recessed mirror.

Smaller vanities. Oftentimes vanities are built into the bathroom. Mainly because the lighting is always the best here. And let’s face it, if you’re renovating a small bathroom, chances are, there is no other resting place in your home for a stand alone vanity. Consider a floating vanity. With a vanity that does not touch the floor, you’re already providing the illusion of more space.

Toilet adjustments. If health allows, consider lower toilet seating in your home. Also consider a wall hung toilet to avoid extra items that clutter. Toto offers standard wall hung toilet. Also be mindful of what a recessed toilet seat entails when it comes to installation and possible maintenance. If you’re up for the challenge, it’s the best way to go.

Color and lighting. Light colors will always open up a room. Ginger Lighting offers a variety of different styles of wall lighting and scones. Be sure to choose colors on the lighter side as well as offer mirror surfaces and hardware that are not too harsh in size and appearance. Also be mindful of lighting. Not enough light can dim a room and give it a more closed in look and feel. The brighter the room, the more space frees up.