Guest Bathroom Designs

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atlasOne of the first places that guests like to check out in your home is the bathroom. If you want them to do more than just snoop around to see what is in the medicine cabinet, you need to make sure that you have the right guest bathroom design.

Make it Inviting, But Not Too Inviting

Creating a good bathroom design for guests is a balancing act. You want something that will be appreciated and enjoyed, but you do not want something that will want people to spend too long in the bathroom. Unlike the master bathroom that you want to walk into and feel like you are in a spa, the guest bathroom is more utilitarian. It is possible to make a bathroom that is very functional, yet still very appealing.

Think about the Lighting

One of the best things to feature the guest bathroom is the bathroom lighting. Bright lights that can also be adjusted are a great way to spice up the bathroom. You should also make sure that the shower or bath area is well-lit to help prevent any accidents or falls. A great idea for a guest bathroom is the use of a light with a motion detector. This way guest does not have to try to figure out how to turn on the lights when they walk into a strange bathroom.


Keep it Function


When looking at guest bathroom designs, functionality is very important. It should be easy for any person to walk into the bathroom and know how to use all of the different things the bathrooms offer. Hot and cold spigots, shelves that hold towels and hangers for any clothes should all be placed where they are easy to see and use.


A guest bathroom does not have to be the fanciest room in the house, but never forget to make it look good and function well. For a lot of different guest bathroom ideas, please feel free to contact us.


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