Electronic Bathroom Faucets: Purchasing Guide for Owning the Best

snip20161230_5Technology today allows us to customize everything from out Smart TV, Smart Homes to Electronic Faucets. Let’s face it we all love a high-tech home with all of the cool new gadgets that make life easier and cost effective. Whether you are building a new home or renovating your existing home you want your bathrooms and kitchens to have that extra WOW factor. Technology has advanced to the point that we are given so many options that are not just practical but also beautiful in design.


You can now get all types of faucets and we will explain the difference and give you a buying guide to make sure you get not only the best high-tech faucet but the one that best fits your needs. L4et’s start with the different types of faucets:

  • Sanitizing:The Cashido O3On Sanitizer is a faucet system is an ozone-activated antibacterial bath faucet that injects a stream of ozone into the faucet water stream, killing germs. At a list price: $300 and the claims the ozone kills up to 99% of all bacteria while still being safe for washing and drinking.
  • Motion-activated: Some of the newer and high-end models ($2000+) include such features as motion-activated on/off, flow control and temperature adjustment with multiple pre-sets. But there are some more affordable options that offer these features but you will have to activate them in a different manor, for example adjusting the temperature you might have hold your finger in front of a sensor. You will need batteries or AC adapter to operate.
  • Self-powered motion activated: Like the motion-activated faucets this one has infrared sensors that detect motion but this one doesn’t require batteries or a AC adapter to power the faucet. The faucet generates its own electricity with a small turbine powered by the water flow. Autotap faucets create and store the power needed to activate the infrared sensors. The Autotaps AMA-5201 single-hole sink faucet retails for about $350 in chrome finish.
  • Laminar flow: Laminar flows faucet technology will leave your water soft and silky by adding air to the water flow making it feel lighter. Laminar flows are created from dozens of tiny, parallel sheets of water. The water is a clear, solid-looking stream that won’t splash when you’re washing your hands. Laminar faucets, such as Moen’s Fina ($560) and can be WaterSense approved.


With so many options out there you to first decide what you want to spend on a faucet then what you want in a faucet. The electronic faucets are beautiful, the best for water conservation, a great hygiene solution and are easy to use and install.