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Brizo Review

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kitchen lightingBrizo is a luxury bathroom, kitchen fixture and shower brand that hosts fashion designer Jason Wu. He has created a collection for the company, inspired by midcentury design, which evokes his style ethos on the runway. Brizo’s concept is that luxury is beyond the clothes you wear—it is an entire lifestyle, and their company seeks to bring luxurious design to your home. They have a wide variety of interesting faucets that they insist are more like “works of art”, and their shower systems look very luxurious. But are they right for you?

A Closer Look at their Brand

While the idea of bringing luxury into your home sounds great in theory, their website seems to place value on image over substance. We have a sneaking suspicion that this concept may be reflected not only in their stated mission statement, but in the quality of their products. The image of these products dazzle, but are they truly well-made and structurally sound, or is it just the image of a good product? If you value honesty, integrity in the way a product is made and the artistry of beautiful design, you would state this explicitly on your site. You are creating a brand and image with your public mission statement, and their statement reflects a kind of superficiality that does not lend confidence in the product you are receiving.

Our Recommendation: Try Cautiously, or Not at All

We think that the designs they offer could be found on site like our for the public and contractors to purchase. They are not particularly unique or focused on artisanship or the beauty of design, but on the superficiality of image over substance. Brizo is more of a luxury bathroom fixture company and will be more flashy then your average fixture company.

Brizo and Jason Wu – One Shared Aesthetic

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Brizo Jason Wu

Since 2007, Brizo bath & kitchen has partnered with noted fashion designer Jason Wu, known for his timeless luxury and the craftsmanship of his designs. This partnership, which began with Brizo sponsoring Jason’s fashion shows, has grown and evolved to include Brizo bringing guests to New York Fashion Week, using the designer’s gowns in advertising campaigns, and collaborating with him on a co-branded lavatory suite.’ Read More