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Planning a Bathroom Remodel? Consider the Functionality and Modernity of Porcelanosa Bath Products.

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At Plumbtile, we are excited to announce that we will begin offering Porcelanosa Bath products in order to provide you with the best in functionality and modernity. Whether it is a full or partial bathroom remodel, Porcelanosa Bath products has an extensive collection of highly functional and modern bathroom offerings to meet all your remodeling desires and needs.

Why Choose Porcelanosa? It’s simple: functionality and modernity.

Remodeling a bathroom is different from remodeling a kitchen or a bedroom, especially when you consider functionality. Choosing the right vanities, sinks, facets, bathtubs, shower enclosures, and toilets can become a rigorous process when considering complete functionality as well as achieving an overall modern look and feel.

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Making Your Bathroom Safe and Enjoyable


With bathrooms being one of the most used rooms in your home, you want to assure that your bathroom is not only decorated as you would like, but also safe for all who will use your bathroom.  Many simple updates can be made in your bathroom to assure the safety, especially for those with special physical needs.  Read More