Bathroom Tile Trends 2020

Selecting tile for a bathroom remodel is not the easiest task. With the vast variety in shape, color, design, and texture, it can become a bit overwhelming. Not long ago, tiles were used solely for functionality purposes. Today, tile has an impact on the aesthetic of the bathroom as well. Take some time to read the hottest trends that PlumbTile has put together for you.

Pattern Tile

From floor to ceiling, tile is the perfect addition to any room, especially the bathroom! Whether you want bold and contrasting or soft and subtle colors, the choice is yours. Pattern tiles will only grow in popularity over time – they already have. Manufacturers like, Lili Cement Tile, have an extensive selection that includes beautiful colors, fun shapes, and intricate patterns that are sure to draw your eye in and liven up any bathroom design.

Metallic Finish

Yes, that’s right, metallic tile! While this is still an up and coming trend, it is worth mentioning. Your bathroom will be the shining star of your home. Give your bathroom an edge and extra brightness with a shiny, sleek feel that you can only get with metallic tile. If you are still unsure of metallic tile, opt for a glass mosaic infused with a metallic tone like copper or Porcelanosa – Moon Glacier Metallic tile.




Dimensional Tile

Homeowners are choosing geometric shapes over the traditional rectangle and square shape tiles. Thanks in part to manufacturers like Eleganza that are willing to entertain different shapes. The hexagon-shaped tile has made the biggest come back in recent years.

Geometric tiles can be used on all walls and the flooring or simply used to create a bold accent to stand in contrast to the rest of the bathroom. Geometric tile can provide the appearance of more space when used in smaller bathrooms. Try placing them around the vanity or spa area in larger bathrooms.

While it can be quite difficult choosing the right tile for your bathroom, do not get overburdened. The variety of tiles is endless. Let our PlumbTile experts help you aboard the trendy bathroom tile train.