Bathroom Tile Ideas

adex-ocean-250When it is time to update your bathroom, change the tile can easily give your bathroom a new look. We have some bathroom tile design ideas that will take your bathroom into the new millennium.

1. Mix and match your tiles by size and design. You can define a space and look by using patterns in your space. You can place larger tiles around your sink, floor or even bathtub and smaller tiles around the rest of the area to create some contrast. You can lay your tiles diagonally to create longer lines to appear larger.

2. Lay tiles in a new pattern. Bring out your creativity when laying new tiles. You can take a beautiful tile such as a subway tile and lay it diagonally or in a chevron pattern to create a new modern design. Taking a decorative tile and placing a band trim will really complete that new look.

3. Create a focal point with tiles that draw you in. Take one main section in your bathroom such as your pedestal sink and mirror or bath tub and mix your tiles to create a focal point. You can arrange your tiles up and down, diagonal basket weave patterns, or even a square pattern to draw your eyes in. Be creative with your design.

4. Accent your walls with decorative tiles. Sometimes when adding decorative tiles, you can begin to overwhelm your space. Make sure to use decorative tiles in small doses. This not only will save you money as decorative tiles can become expensive but will create elegance in your bathroom. You can take a plain wall and add a strip of decorative tiles to create art. Place a band of beautiful glass tiles in your shower or around your wall mirror.
These are just some easy and simple bathroom tile ideas to enhance your space. If you have any questions you can always call one of our experts at Plumbtile for additional assistance.