Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

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Hirsch glass tealTechnology is being used more and more in the home. From automated thermostats to lighting that can be controlled from your smartphone, the use of technology to make the home more comfortable is only going to grow in the future. Some may wonder if there is someplace that the use of technology will end. If they think the bathroom design is a safe haven from technology, they are probably wrong. There are many ways that a bathroom can become a smart bathroom.

How Can It Be Used for a Bathroom Mirror?

One of the key parts of every bathroom is the mirror. It is the thing that people rely on to see what they look like or to make sure they are shaving or putting on makeup properly. The bathroom mirror cabinet does even more. The cabinet is used to hold medicines and other supplies that are needed. It is a convenient place to keep the supplies that will be used at the vanity. But the question is if it is a place where technology can help. The answer is yes.

Technology has improved the lighting around the bathroom mirror. It allows the lights to come on automatically and to adjust the illumination levels. Technology has also made it possible to avoid fogging up the mirrors as the hot water from the shower is running. Technology already plays a role in the bathroom mirror, but what could it hold in the future.

Looking to the Future

In the future, it is possible that the bathroom mirror cabinets can keep track of what is inside them. They can remind the homeowner when it is time to refill a prescription or to replenish the stock of the cabinet. It could let a person know how to do their makeup or give other suggestions. The possibilities are really only limited by what people can think of. If you would like to know more about what is available, feel free to give us a call.


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