Bathroom Furniture Ideas

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porcelanosa Oxo Garden ArenaWhen people are furnishing a bedroom, living room or dining room, they have a good idea of what type of furniture to buy. They can easily find beds, sofas or tables to fit in those rooms. If you ask people what kind of furniture they need for the bathroom, they will often have a very perplexed look. They often think of a bathroom in very basic terms, but with the right bathroom furniture examples, it is possible to turn a plain bathroom into another trendy room in the home.

Start with furniture for storage

The bathroom is often a very tight space. It is also a room that needs good storage. Getting furniture that can be used for storage can be accomplished in different ways

  • Cabinets – bathroom cabinets can come in different forms. Wall hanging cabinets can take advantage of the limited space in many bathrooms. Storage cabinets that fit under vanities can change the way a bathroom looks. The key to choosing the best storage cabinets for a bathroom is to find one that is made from a material that will stand up to the moisture in the bathroom.
  • Storage Bins – Bins are a great way to add color and style to a bathroom. They are also something that can be moved around in a bathroom. Storage bins can come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any bathroom.
  • Baskets and Basket Frames – Baskets are similar to the storage bins and can add a great deal of style to any bathroom. Having frames that hold the baskets is another great way to create needed storage space.

Add Some Accessories


After following some bathroom furniture ideas that increase the amount of storage space, it is also worth thinking about adding some accessories to the bathroom. Rugs, shower curtains, bathroom fixtures, bath mirrors and other small additions can make a major change to the bathroom.


There are plenty of great ways to turn a bathroom into a showpiece in the home and adding great bathroom furniture is one way to get started. For more ideas and suggestions about bathroom furniture, feel free to contact us and get more information.


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