Bathroom Colors Ideas

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It is possible to know when a bathroom was last renovated by looking at the colors. Homes that were built in the 1950’s and 60’s have always had distinctive looks in their bathroom. Pastel colors and square tile flooring can quickly date a bathroom. It is important for homeowners that want to change the way their bathroom looks to make sure they are choosing the best possible bathroom colors.

The Color Sets the Mood for the Bathroom

Choosing the right color for the bathroom is very important. It can help set the mood for the bathroom. Most homeowners want a bathroom design that is calm and relaxing. They do not want a bathroom that is very busy. Some of the popular colors being used in the bathrooms of today are a soft grey and teals that are paler. While these colors are great for creating a relaxing atmosphere, they can also be dressed up a little by adding a few vertical stripes or patterns to the painting. The result is a bathroom that is both relaxing and interesting to look at.

Classic White will Always Work

While some may disagree, white has always been a classic color scheme for the bathroom. The bathroom is supposed to be clean and the white walls and bathroom furniture is one way to provide that look. A white color scheme in the bathroom can also make a small bathroom appear larger.

While white is a good color choice for a modern bathroom, it does not mean that there cannot be splashes of color added in. Patterns, fixtures and bathroom accessories can be used to add some brighter colors that can liven the bathroom up.

Changing the bathroom colors is an inexpensive way to update a bathroom. It is something that can be done by the homeowner or with the help of a professional. For different ideas and suggestions about what to do with your bathroom colors, get in touch with us and we will help.


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