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Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

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Hirsch glass tealTechnology is being used more and more in the home. From automated thermostats to lighting that can be controlled from your smartphone, the use of technology to make the home more comfortable is only going to grow in the future. Some may wonder if there is someplace that the use of technology will end. If they think the bathroom design is a safe haven from technology, they are probably wrong. There are many ways that a bathroom can become a smart bathroom.

How Can It Be Used for a Bathroom Mirror?

One of the key parts of every bathroom is the mirror. It is the thing that people rely on to see what they look like or to make sure they are shaving or putting on makeup properly. The bathroom mirror cabinet does even more. The cabinet is used to hold medicines and other supplies that are needed. It is a convenient place to keep the supplies that will be used at the vanity. But the question is if it is a place where technology can help. The answer is yes.

Technology has improved the lighting around the bathroom mirror. It allows the lights to come on automatically and to adjust the illumination levels. Technology has also made it possible to avoid fogging up the mirrors as the hot water from the shower is running. Technology already plays a role in the bathroom mirror, but what could it hold in the future.

Looking to the Future

In the future, it is possible that the bathroom mirror cabinets can keep track of what is inside them. They can remind the homeowner when it is time to refill a prescription or to replenish the stock of the cabinet. It could let a person know how to do their makeup or give other suggestions. The possibilities are really only limited by what people can think of. If you would like to know more about what is available, feel free to give us a call.


Bathroom Vanities Info

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porcelanosaThere are plenty of people that will argue about what the most important piece of furniture in the bathroom is. They will make claims about how the bathroom toilet or the shower is the thing that is used the most, but they may want to rethink this. While those pieces of furniture are important, the bathroom vanity possible plays a much more important role in today’s bathroom. It might be why bathroom vanities come in so many different styles.

Choosing the Right Vanity

It takes time and effort to find the right vanity for a bathroom. There are many different things to take into consideration.

  • The size – Bathroom vanities can be very small or they can be very large. The right size will depend on how much room there is in the bathroom and what the needs of the homeowner are. Many people want a vanity that provides them with enough workspace and storage space.
  • The style – Vanities come in many different styles ranging from modern to classic. The style that is best for a bathroom depends on the tastes of the homeowner.
  • The function – The way a vanity is used in a master bathroom will differ from how it is used in a guest bathroom. Some vanities may include a bathroom medicine cabinet for extra functionality.

Matching all of the Parts of the Vanity

While time has to be spent choosing the right bathroom vanities for a home, there are other parts of the vanity that should also be considered. The vanity top, the bathroom taps, the hardware on the vanity all make a difference in the way the vanity will look. All of these things need to be taken into consideration when creating the perfect vanity for a bathroom. When everything comes together a homeowner is able to change the way a bathroom looks without breaking the budget. For more ideas about how to get the best vanity for your bathroom, contact us.


Trendy Bathroom Designs

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mti-teak-accessories-1The bedroom may be the room in the house that people spend the most time in, but they also spend a fair amount of time in the bathroom on a daily basis. From using the toilet, to taking a shower, to checking the bathroom mirror or fixing makeup, the average amount of time people spend in the bathroom is close to one hour a day, but sometimes more. With that much time invested in one room, it is worth making sure that the bathroom is an enjoyable place to visit. With the help of trendy bathroom designs, that becomes possible. The question that people have is what is the trend in bathroom designs.

High Tech is Becoming More Popular

Many of the trends that are being noticed in bathroom design is adding more technology to the bathroom. From showers that have multiple heads that can give a massage like therapy and that have digitally controlled temperature to toilets that are designed to save water and keep themselves clean, technology in the bathroom is available. The more time people spend in the bathroom, the more they want to be entertained. Music systems and televisions in bathrooms are seen everywhere. Technology can also help make a smaller bathroom design more efficient with hidden closets and shelves that can be accessed easily yet are still out of the way.

Comfort is Very Important

When it comes to bathroom design, comfort is important. Heated toilet seats and heated flooring are essential. Showers or baths that allow people to sit and relax as the water envelops them are also in today’s bathroom. The color schemes of the bathrooms are designed to soothe and relax anyone that is inside.

The other trend that worries people the most when it comes to bathroom designs is the rising costs. Having a bathroom that is truly luxurious is expensive, but there are many things that people can do to create a relaxing, and soothing bathroom that are affordable. Since people want to spend time in the bathroom, it is worth finding out what can be done. For help with trendy bathroom designs, contact us and give us a chance to show what we can do for you.


Bathroom Colors Ideas

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It is possible to know when a bathroom was last renovated by looking at the colors. Homes that were built in the 1950’s and 60’s have always had distinctive looks in their bathroom. Pastel colors and square tile flooring can quickly date a bathroom. It is important for homeowners that want to change the way their bathroom looks to make sure they are choosing the best possible bathroom colors.

The Color Sets the Mood for the Bathroom

Choosing the right color for the bathroom is very important. It can help set the mood for the bathroom. Most homeowners want a bathroom design that is calm and relaxing. They do not want a bathroom that is very busy. Some of the popular colors being used in the bathrooms of today are a soft grey and teals that are paler. While these colors are great for creating a relaxing atmosphere, they can also be dressed up a little by adding a few vertical stripes or patterns to the painting. The result is a bathroom that is both relaxing and interesting to look at.

Classic White will Always Work

While some may disagree, white has always been a classic color scheme for the bathroom. The bathroom is supposed to be clean and the white walls and bathroom furniture is one way to provide that look. A white color scheme in the bathroom can also make a small bathroom appear larger.

While white is a good color choice for a modern bathroom, it does not mean that there cannot be splashes of color added in. Patterns, fixtures and bathroom accessories can be used to add some brighter colors that can liven the bathroom up.

Changing the bathroom colors is an inexpensive way to update a bathroom. It is something that can be done by the homeowner or with the help of a professional. For different ideas and suggestions about what to do with your bathroom colors, get in touch with us and we will help.


Bathroom Furniture Ideas

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porcelanosa Oxo Garden ArenaWhen people are furnishing a bedroom, living room or dining room, they have a good idea of what type of furniture to buy. They can easily find beds, sofas or tables to fit in those rooms. If you ask people what kind of furniture they need for the bathroom, they will often have a very perplexed look. They often think of a bathroom in very basic terms, but with the right bathroom furniture examples, it is possible to turn a plain bathroom into another trendy room in the home.

Start with furniture for storage

The bathroom is often a very tight space. It is also a room that needs good storage. Getting furniture that can be used for storage can be accomplished in different ways

  • Cabinets – bathroom cabinets can come in different forms. Wall hanging cabinets can take advantage of the limited space in many bathrooms. Storage cabinets that fit under vanities can change the way a bathroom looks. The key to choosing the best storage cabinets for a bathroom is to find one that is made from a material that will stand up to the moisture in the bathroom.
  • Storage Bins – Bins are a great way to add color and style to a bathroom. They are also something that can be moved around in a bathroom. Storage bins can come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit any bathroom.
  • Baskets and Basket Frames – Baskets are similar to the storage bins and can add a great deal of style to any bathroom. Having frames that hold the baskets is another great way to create needed storage space.

Add Some Accessories


After following some bathroom furniture ideas that increase the amount of storage space, it is also worth thinking about adding some accessories to the bathroom. Rugs, shower curtains, bathroom fixtures, bath mirrors and other small additions can make a major change to the bathroom.


There are plenty of great ways to turn a bathroom into a showpiece in the home and adding great bathroom furniture is one way to get started. For more ideas and suggestions about bathroom furniture, feel free to contact us and get more information.


Guest Bathroom Designs

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atlasOne of the first places that guests like to check out in your home is the bathroom. If you want them to do more than just snoop around to see what is in the medicine cabinet, you need to make sure that you have the right guest bathroom design.

Make it Inviting, But Not Too Inviting

Creating a good bathroom design for guests is a balancing act. You want something that will be appreciated and enjoyed, but you do not want something that will want people to spend too long in the bathroom. Unlike the master bathroom that you want to walk into and feel like you are in a spa, the guest bathroom is more utilitarian. It is possible to make a bathroom that is very functional, yet still very appealing.

Think about the Lighting

One of the best things to feature the guest bathroom is the bathroom lighting. Bright lights that can also be adjusted are a great way to spice up the bathroom. You should also make sure that the shower or bath area is well-lit to help prevent any accidents or falls. A great idea for a guest bathroom is the use of a light with a motion detector. This way guest does not have to try to figure out how to turn on the lights when they walk into a strange bathroom.


Keep it Function


When looking at guest bathroom designs, functionality is very important. It should be easy for any person to walk into the bathroom and know how to use all of the different things the bathrooms offer. Hot and cold spigots, shelves that hold towels and hangers for any clothes should all be placed where they are easy to see and use.


A guest bathroom does not have to be the fanciest room in the house, but never forget to make it look good and function well. For a lot of different guest bathroom ideas, please feel free to contact us.


Bathroom Tap

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Most people know that renovating a bathroom can be a very expensive endeavor. Because of the costs that are associated with this, many homeowners don’t bother trying to change the look of their bathroom. They do not realize that it is possible to make major changes in the way the bathroom design without redoing the entire bathroom. Instead, for a much smaller price, it is possible to make a big change just by changing out the bathroom taps.

The New Look of Bathroom Taps

There are plenty of different types of bathroom fixtures that can be found for the bathroom. From classical designs to modern designs, the options are many. If you want to change the way the bathroom looks consider adding these types of taps to your bathroom basins.

  • Taps on the wall – Most taps are mounted to the sink, but a new trend is taps that are mounted to the wall. It is a way to create a unique look while also saving space in the bathroom
  • Smaller taps – One of the new trends is taps that are much smaller than conventional taps. These are great for smaller basins and bathrooms.
  • Tall taps – The taller taps can create a sleek and modern look for a bathroom.
  • Motion taps – Most are familiar with the taps in public restrooms that work with motion. Adding one of these to a home bathroom can be a great way to create a unique and modern look.

Changing out the bathroom taps may not seem like it could make a big difference in the way a bathroom looks, but it will surprise many homeowners that take advantage of what is being offered. It can take some time to find the perfect taps for your bathroom, but it is time that is well spent. For more information about all of the different styles and types of taps that are available, contact us to learn what can be done.


Byron Bells Home Door Bells and Chimes

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It is said that the first impression is the most important one. It is hard to change the way a person thinks about something after they have seen it. That is why it is so important to make sure that when a person walks up to the front door of your home, that they have a positive first impression. One of the ways to accomplish that is by having an impressive home doorbells and chimes on the front of the home.

Where to get Door Chimes and Bells

Byron Bells has been making hardware for door chimes and bells. They can provide homeowners with the right door chime or bell that fits the style of the home. The door chimes and bells can be either wired or wireless. They come in a wide variety of styles and are made from different materials. Each homeowner can find the design they like, the color that they love and the type of chime that makes them happy.

Get Something that Stands Out

There are plenty of homes that have a door chime or bell with a plain look. They are often made out of plastic and come in one color, white. This may be fine for people that do not want to make that great first impression, but if you are looking for something else, then Byron Bells is the place to look. With door chimes made out of brass and other materials and with door hardware designs that range from simple to very intricate, detailed work, it is easy to find the perfect door chimes and bells. With a low cost guarantee and free shipping, it is possible to find the door chimes and bells that fit your budget.

If you want to find out more about Byron Bells and what they can offer to your home, contact us and we will be happy to share how they can improve the look of your home.