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GBI Tile & Stone Porcelain Wood Look

At Plumbtile, we love a good tile! But when you receive a newsletter from one of our suppliers promoting their beautiful tiles with puppies, we had to show everyone! Not only are these tiles beautiful and will give any room a clean natural look, you will also be adding a durable tile that will last throughout the years.

Matching adorable puppies color fur to the color of each tile available in the porcelain oak tiles, will melt your heart! We hope you enjoy the puppies in this product review!

About GBI Tile and Stone

For over 25 years, GBI Tile & Stone has been a trusted solution provider for hard surfaces. They take pride in the fact that they do not just sell tile, but tile that is hard and resilient. From limestone, marble, porcelain to glass tile.

Established in 1991, GBI is a privately-owned manufacturer and supplier of hard surfaces who works closely with their customers who are stretched around the global. We enjoy working with GBI. Their offer a unique combination of value, style, and partnership.

Porcelain Oak Tiles

Many people love the look of wood floors but want a more durable product for high traffic areas. That is where porcelain oak tiles come in to play. GBI Tile and Stone porcelain oak tiles will give your home that natural wood look, but with a hard-wearing tile. Designed to give a textured wood grain, this Portuguese wood look porcelain bears a resemblance to natural oak. This beautiful tile can be used for residential or commercial on floors and walls. It also can be used both for your interior or exterior home projects. GBI’s porcelain oak tiles come in the colors of brown, cream, honey and tortora.

Eye catching wood grain textures, warm browns, greys and creams, and a natural wood touch is represented within each one of these one of a kind colored wood looking porcelain tiles.

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive collection of GBI Tile & Stone products on the web.

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