Amrich Luxury Bathing Systems

Plumbtile carries a large selection of bath tubs and luxury bathing systems. One of the manufacturers we carry is Amrich manufactures luxury whirlpool tubs, shower bases, jet fresh and airbath tubs. Amrich at has been number one since 1982.  They have consistently offered the world’s finest whirlpool bath products on the cutting edge of innovation.

Amrich is very serious about the quality of their bath tubs and inspections are performed prior to shipment of each one. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive collection of Amrich Tubs, Whirlpools, Airbaths, Showerbases products on the web. Make sure to browse through Plumbtile for all of your Amrich purchases.  Amrich offers so many different types of bath tubs to meet everyone’s needs, They offer freestanding tubs  , soaking baths, air-baths, whirlpool baths, standard shower bases, designer shower bases, and other bath options & accessories.

One of the products that Amrich offers is the Abigayle-Tub Only. The Abigayle is a sophisticated, modernistic freestanding tub designed to be sleek and with a spacious deck. The Abigayle is a two-piece tub with a seamless exterior as the apron pops right off from under the deck for easy installation. The Abigayle is also available in multiple colors such as biscuit, bone, black, white and silver. Or The Confidence which is a rectangular design that features two spacious interior sides making it perfect for a two-person bathing experience. The Confidence is part of the Amrich Drop-in Collection and can be purchased with any system.

The Asra is part of the Amrich Freestanding Collection and can be purchased as a Tub Only/Airbath System II or Tub Only.  It is sleek, clean, remarkable modern-day design with its gorgeous plinth and marvelous deck design is a hand crafted radiant center piece. Amrich offers so many different types bath tubs. If you are unable to find a specific tub on Plumbtile contact one of our specialists and we would be happy to assist you.