Alape’s Innovational and High Quality Products

Plumbtile always keeps adding new products and brands to increase availability to our customers. If you are looking for unique bathroom products Alape is one that will bring quality to your home. Alape has produced innovative bathroom equipment products in metal and wood, since 1896. Some of the products we carry created by Alape are wash-basins, complete wash-systems, mirrors and a large furniture range, for private and public use. If you didn’t already know Alape is a part of the Dornbracht group since 2001.

Alape uses some unique and amazing material Glassedsteel for the manufacture of its built-in basins and washstands. Glassedsteel consists of a durable, yet lightweight steel body and a high-quality, integrated glass surface. It is resistant to impacts, scratches and acids, colorfast, durable and hygienic. This type of material is perfect for those homes that get a lot of use. Alape products offer easy-care surface, with its water repellent effect, is self-cleaning and avoids any build-up of dirt or lime, the anti-bacterial surface automatically stops the spread of bacteria.  

What is impressive about the Alape products made of GlassedSteel is the precision of their surfaces, edges and basic geometric forms. they suit any architectural style, be it classical black-and-white, natural, country cottage or rational, uncluttered and modern. Alape washstands can also be individually modified for special designs.

Plumbtile offers so many different selections for your bathroom. You can choose from an Alape AG Bucket Sink which bring a little of the old into the new. Or choose from a modern design such as Alape SB Dish Basins. There is a design that will fit your unique bathroom style.

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive collection of Alape products on the web. If there is something you are looking for and can’t find it, one of our specialists are standing by to assist you.