Benefits of Phylrich and ROHL Plumbing Fixtures


When picking out plumbing fixtures, you should expect the best.  Long lasting quality along with elegance and style. In our review today we will being speaking about two companies that always brings out the best products. Phylrich and ROHL products are one of the finest you will see in the kitchen and bathroom industry.  Continue reading

From Bathroom to Spa


It has been a long day at the office and your body is wanting to relax. If only you had a spa like bathroom. Soft candle lights surrounding your tub. Bubbles dancing around the tub and soothing aroma’s filing the bathroom. As you make your way to the bathroom door, you open it and notice a new soothing colors of your spa, fresh robs and warm towels laid out along with all with the warm lights of candles. A spa in your own home.  Continue reading

Going Green Can Save You Green!


The bathroom is full of harsh chemicals and high rates of water consumption. We need to find better ways of conserving our natural resources and cutting down the use of such chemicals. Why not start in the bathroom? There are quite a few ways in which you can go green in the bathroom. Continue reading