Tile or Hardwood- Which is Easier to Maintain??

Photo courtesy of AlbertaHardwood.com

Photo courtesy of AlbertaHardwood.com

That is the big question right? You don’t want to spend hours maintaining our floors, and you want to know the answer to this BEFORE you install the floors! So whether you want to install tile or hardwood, here are some things to consider when making a decision. Continue reading

Ideas to Makeover Your Kitchen

Modern KitchenKitchen makeovers are essential to any home. It makes the most sense to start here –  this is where even the smallest of upgrades can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the heart of your home. Adding accessories or updating your old ones can ensure that you have the look and technology that even the newest kitchens have to offer. Continue reading

Difference Tiles for Different Styles! Procelain or Ceramic!

People have a sense that ceramic and porcelain tiles are different, and that porcelain tile is somehow the better of the two, but they’re not sure why it is better. So, exactly what is porcelain tile, and is it really better than ceramic tile? Let’s see if we can de-mystify porcelain tile. Continue reading

The Right Shower Head Makes a World of Difference

Hansa Shower head

As the bath and shower trends evolve in 2014, let’s not forget the details that can make a world of difference in the way your bathroom or shower looks and functions.  Shower heads are an important detail that you do not want to overlook when planning to remodel or rejuvenate your bathroom.  A shower head can dictate the overall feel of your shower and bathroom. So with that in mind, how does one choose the right one?

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