Month: November 2013

The Benefits of Using Glass Tile in Your Bathroom

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Plumbtile: Adex Tile

There are beautiful benefits of using glass tiles in your bathroom. The colors you choose can say a great deal about the personality you want your home to display. The texture of glass reflects a clean, easy going and open look reflecting a more modern decor.  Read More

Vintage, Classic or Modern? How About a Little of Each!

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Plumbtile: Danze

It can be a little overwhelming deciding on the perfect style for your bathroom sinks and faucets. Many times, we tend to lean toward either a sleek modern style, a hip vintage look or beautiful classic lines – sticking with one design throughout the decision process.

These days you will find that mixing a combination of different styles for your sink and faucet ideas can actually create a gorgeous look you might not have ever thought of before. Take a peek below for a little inspiration!

Shapely and Stylish faucets

The old vintage classic lines bring a classic look to any bathroom faucet. With a modern shiny finish that twinkles in the light, these faucets can add character to deep sink basins and leave you with that wow factor.

Plumbtile: Sigma

Asian Inspirations

Beautiful sink and faucet combos with a hint of old and new Asian styles can really brighten up a bathroom. A Bronze sink bowl with a rough exterior fits perfectly with a sleek rustic faucet.

Oh So Modern

Clean lines and shapely curves bring the perfect balance of a contemporary design. The curves are simple and elegant while still expressing a mean modern look.

Plumbtile: Grohe

State of the Art Options

The lure of modern convenience offer pampering options without sacrificing style. Touch faucets offers touch options and a shiny finish that can mirror the colors in the room.

Cabinets, Tables and Bowls

Vintage cabinets and modern bowls are hands down one of the top mixed designs. What is absolutely perfect about this combination is that you have the option to choose either a sleek modern faucet or reminiscent classic styles to finish the look. Either choice offers a beautiful must have look you will not regret.

Plumbtile: Samuel Heath

New Homes Are Going Green!

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Green Living

With all the talk of remodeling homes to “go green”, many people don’t realize that more and more homes are being built with standard green components! “The green building market has evolved beyond the crunchy-granola, Boulder types,” said David Johnston, a Colorado consultant and co-author of Toward a Zero Energy Home. “We have mainstream builders doing this.” Read More