Month: October 2013

What Makes A House “Green?”

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 Green Products

When people think of green, some may think earth, some may think that green is an ugly color and they wouldn’t be caught dead with that color in their house or building. Some people just don’t know that when you “Go Green,” no, you are not getting sick in the physical, but you are getting sick of spending unnecessary money on bills that you can cut back on such as water, electricity, energy, and even building materials. Another phrase to use besides “Go Green,” is “Eco-friendly,” depending on how educated you want to sound on the subject. Read More

Top 5 Kitchen Countertops

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Kohler Kitchen

Nowadays, there are so many choices when it comes to kitchen countertops. There is everything from stone to wood, tile to laminate, and even stainless steel and concrete countertops. Depending on your need, style, and budget, there is something out there that will help you create an amazing kitchen. Here are the top five most popular countertop materials. Read More

Going Green in the Bathroom!

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Green BathroomsWith all the green renovations going on these days, and not enough money to make huge changes, people are wondering what they can do right NOW to make a difference in their health, their home, and their environment.  Here are a few tips!

Clean Green! Since the bathroom is usually the smallest, and one of the worst ventilated rooms in the home, that is one of many reasons to use non toxic cleaners.  There are many green cleaners on the market like  Simple Green and Clorox Greenworks,  but try even making your own! Baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar are all excellent cleaners, so with just a little elbow grease you can get your bathroom just as shiny and clean as any commercial cleaner! Read More