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Plumbtile carries faucets and taps from brand name manufacuturers including: Hansgrohe, Porcher, Kohler, Danze, Cifial, Phylrich, Doralife and more!

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When you walk into your bathroom, one part that blends functionality and style are faucets. Bathroom faucets play a major role in bathroom remodeling or updating, with its design setting the spaces tone. When shopping for a new faucet you will notice there are many to choose from, with an expansive range of finishes, styles, and functions.

Your faucet style depends on the bathroom sink, whether it will be focused on or not. If your sink is going to be, there are limitations on which faucets you want to choose. Check other fixtures in your bathroom, you want to have these coordinate with the new faucet you purchase. If changing all fixtures in the room, there are no limitations on what style to choose. With as many styles available, sleek or curvy, single handled or duel, length and reach of spout, there is one that will fit your taste.

Bathroom faucets come in many different finishes, such as chrome, bronze, or something different like oil rubbed bronze-hand relieved. Look at the many finishes faucets are available in, picking one that you desire to match your bathroom suite. When looking at new faucets for your sink, remember to see about matching shower and tub fixtures so the entire room is complete.

If looking for a standard faucet, they are still on the market. Thanks to technology, however, bathroom faucets are now available with different functions also. There are some that use motion sensors for hands-free design. If you have small children in the home, this is a great option to choose. Some other faucets have a flow that is a luxurious waterfall, giving you a master bath of your dreams.

No better time than now to look for perfect bathroom faucets, moving one-step closer to completing that perfect bathroom you have been waiting for.