Kitchen Makeovers Big and Little Changes

We all want to keep our kitchen up to date and trendy but we don’t always have the budget to do a full makeover. You might not be able to a full on makeover but there are a few little things you can do that will make a big difference in the look and feel of your kitchen.

Replacing your old faucet not only makes your sink more functional but also will change the look of your sink. Standard kitchen faucets rely on the side sprayer to clean tall pots and pans and that is not efficient. A taller faucet changes this and allows you to clean these pots and pan easier. With so many choices you will be able to get a faucet that works well for you and your kitchen.

Over the years the amount of use your cabinets get will  wear out the cabinet pulls and knobs. There is a large array of design, shapes, finishes, material, size, and placement that the choices are endless. Vicenza offers unique pulls and knobs aren’t just limited to the kitchen. If you want to add some bling to your room try replacing the old knobs and pulls with glass ones, Topex offers beautiful alternatives to the ones the existing pulls and knobs.

Accessories can make a huge difference in your kitchen by adding pops of color with new canisters or by replacing your old cutting board and prep bowls with new ones. Add or replace items such as soap dispensers, sink grids and basin racks to add a subtle touch.

One of the handiest changes you can make in your kitchen is to add a trash chute in your counter that goes directly to your garbage, compost or recycling bin. When you are working in your kitchen you no longer have to keep the trash can out or carry your trash and scraps across your clean floor to the trash.

No matter what look you are going for you can always find what you need to make your old kitchen new again at Plumbtile

Why Choose a Wall Mount Faucet?


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Roman Tub Faucet Buying Guide


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Benefits to Using a Touchless Water Faucet


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Pros and Cons of Vessel Faucets


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Remodeling Ideas to Add Style, Flair, and Function to Your Old Kitchen

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Go Green with Ease using Brizo Kitchen and Bathroom Faucets

Odin Faucet

Whether you are looking for a new faucet for a remodel, or simply upgrading your existing hardware, a water saving faucet from Brizo is a great eco friendly option. Whether you are looking for something elegant, something modern or something traditional, Brizo offers the right green option for the bathrooms in your home.

When you are thinking about a new faucet, a green, or low flow, option from Brizo can help you save water without sacrificing style or function. In the kitchen a Brizo low flow faucet still has 1.8 gallons per minute running through the faucet, and in the bathroom there are still 1.5 gallons per minute which is lower than industry standards and still offers the utility consumers are looking for. No matter what style you choose, each option offers reductions in water consumption of up to 31% and each faucet meets EPA requirements. Brizio offers several options perfect for any style:

RSVPRSVP Collection

The RSVP faucet by Brizio offers 31% water reduction along with an elegant design and a beautiful crystal accent on the faucet, a perfect addition to the formal bath in your home.

Siderna Collection

The Siderna bath collection by Brizio offers 1.5 gallons of water per minute and sleek lines, perfect for a modern bathroom. The color accents help the faucet pop. The best part, no sacrificing function for style!

Tresa Collection

The Tresa bath collection offers a very unique twist on a traditional feeling faucet. It improves efficiency by 31% over traditional faucets using an aerator to make sure functionality is not compromised.


Vesi Curve Collection

The Vesi Curve collection has a traditional look and a modern approach to water conservation. 31% reduction in water flow allows users to go green with ease without sacrificing style.

Virage Collection

The Virage collection offers a sleek eco friendly way to reduce water consumption without sacrificing the style you are looking for.

Vesi Channel Collection

The Vesi Channel Collection offers consumers a twist on a traditional style. Instead of the classic spout a channel flows out of the faucet creating a spout of water you can see all while offering a 31% decrease in water usage from traditional faucets.