Getting Your Bathroom Retirement Ready


Is Your Bathroom Retirement Ready?

Most people will buy and sell a house at least twice over the course of their adult lives. When you start out you purchase a “starter home”, something smaller, quaint for a small family, couple or a single person. As your get older you marry and start a family or your family grows and your income increases all of which drive you to sell that starter home and purchase a larger one. Then as the children grow up and move away you might sell again to “downsize” and get ready for retirement.

As we age we know we will need certain things, home without stairs, less living space, and a bathroom that can accommodate any possibility such as wheelchairs, walkers and grab bars. But we don’t have to give up all creature comforts as we age, in fact, there are some pretty spectacular alternatives what can make your live easier and better.

When remodeling your bathroom if you are able to have a separate tub and shower you can build a bench seat in the shower, install and shower system that allows you to adjust the height and offers a hand held shower head. Hydro Systems offer a superb whirlpool walk-in tub system that allows you the freedom of taking a bath without the possibility of slipping and falling in the tub.

Most homes come with a standard height toilet 14 ½ inches high, replace this with a “comfort height” toilet that is 17-19 inches high. When you raise your toilet also make sure the toilet paper holder has been adjusted and is within reach.

Grab bars cab be easily installed and are now offered in different designs. If you have a vanity in the bathroom you might want to consider replacing that with a nice pedestal sink or a vanity that will allow for a wheelchair accessible. When installing the new vanity or sink make sure to properly brace it to give additional support, also take away any sharp edges or corners that could cause harm. Any cabinet used as a medicine cabinet or mirror needs to be lowered slightly so that it is within reach from a wheelchair.

The final step would be to replace the flooring with a non-slip or anti-skid tile. Porcelanosa offers a beautiful non-slip versions of their ceramic tiles. Now that you have your bathroom set up you are ready to enjoy your retirement knowing you are ready for anything!