Different Bathrooms For Different People

Bathrooms; we design them to be easy to use for children, seniors and handicapped. We design them to be spa-like, yet we seldom think “man friendly”. Not really sure why that is. Men use this space as well as the rest of the family. They should feel as special as everyone else. While designing a man’s bathroom, be sure to keep in mind that it not only has to look good, it has to be functional. It needs to make sense with little to no wasted space.

When designing a masculine room, men prefer muted, rich colors. Some examples of these colors are greys, blues and neutral colors that can be accented with black or silver. Add a few pops of color in the shower curtain, bath mats. Even throw in some wall art to pull some of the darkness out of the room.

Think about using a tile that looks like hardwood. Combine that with a wooden or granite counter-top along with stone, metal or wooden sink basin. This would finish the look with chrome faucets and pin lights. Look for industrial elements that keep this room sleek and modern with chrome fixtures and faucets. Exposed brick and stone wall can tie in the look and offer a nice rich feel to the room.

If your space is large enough take a corner of the room, turn it into a lounging area with a leather chair, flat screen tv and some classic touches. When looking for lighting in this area, try mixing and matching; pendant or rustic vanity lights. For the rest of the room choose recessed lighting. If you have a window, take the shade off and let the light come in.

When you look for storage ideas for this room, look for vanities, medicine cabinets and storage cabinets that offers plenty of space. Use thick, large towels that complement the colors of the room.

Creating a space for the man in your life is easier than you think and makes for a beautiful addition to your home!