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Whether you are looking to add a sense of sophistication, natural or elegance, Eleganza Tiles broad selection of tiles for residential and commercial use offer a wide array of options to inspire homeowners, designers, architects, and builders alike and to bring their real expression and creative energy to life. Continue reading

Remodeling Ideas to Add Style, Flair, and Function to Your Old Kitchen

holden_largeKitchens are the most lived in room in your house and with the right look and feel; it can be a warm, comfortable, stylish, and extremely functional place for everyone to gather. Create the kitchen you love and that you will enjoy spending time in with simple or extravagant remodeling ideas.  Here are some remodeling ideas to help you get started. Continue reading

Bio-Recovered Tile



Recycled wood is becoming an increasingly popular purchase when designing a home. The flexibility in using recycled wood can give you endless design possibilities. It can be considered elegant or rustic with character and charm. Although the Bio-Recover collection made by Eleganza Tile is not recycled wood, it is a brilliant interpretation of it. It is a porcelain tile that has an antique feel.  It can be used in Tradition, contemporary or even modern design elements.  You can use the beautiful Bio-Recover collection for accent walls in your living room or even the bedroom eliminating the need for a head. The tiles are truly beautiful!

The Bio-Recover collection was created by carefully studying recycled wooden floors and walls. When you walk into a home you see the wear caused by time and the traces left by those that have walked on the floors creating beautiful variations in the wood. That is what is used to recreate the structure of the tile, the grain and color variations of the surfaces. Bio-Recover is developed using the latest HD Inkjet technology in order to accurately capture the natural wear and tear as well as color variation. Bio-Recover is available in 8″x48″ for residential and commercial applications. It is available in Old Walnut, Golden Flame, and Warm Cream. It is chemical stain resistant and very durable.

All Eleganza Tile products meet the ISO standards for manufacture in order to ensure the best quality tile flooring available on the market. From gemstone, contemporary, traditional, classic, wood, and polished style ceramic and porcelain tiles, Eleganza is sure to satisfy all of your decor needs.

If you are interested in placing an order or would like more information from Plumbtile on any item from Eleganza Tile we will be happy to help you at Plumbtile.com or call us at 866-758-6284.

Busby Gilbert Tile Review

eleganza1Busby Gilbert Tile is a handcrafted tile company that prides itself on making each individual piece by hand. This creates variation in color and tone for each tile, which has a wave effect for the finished product. They are stone fired and very durable, lasting generations if cared for correctly. It’s a preferred tile company for professional designers and architects because of their high quality product.

They have glossy and matte in all the colors of the rainbow, plus the option of making them any shape you could desire. They also have relief decos with many designs and pictures to choose from. Would Busby Gilbert be a good company to research and look into?

The Product and Their Reputation

Busby Gilbert has been manufacturing home and kitchen tiles in Van Nuys, California for over 30 years. Their product has been used in many commercial spaces and even movie sets since their inception. Their history involves finding tiles for a rock star’s home and starting a company from that humble beginning.

It seems that they have quite a good reputation in California and have many high profile clients. This is always a good sign for a company. They are also small, which means that they will treat you as more than just another number. You would more than likely have a positive experience with this company, should you choose them for your home project.

Should you go with Busby Gilbert?

They are more expensive than the big box retail option, but are worth the price if you can afford it. It is always a better option to go for the smaller companies, because the product is higher quality and you will have a better experience overall. We say, look into Busy Gilbert and see if they could help you make your dreams come true with their designer flooring tiles.

Brix Tile Review

procelainBrix Tile is an Italian company that produces handmade tile and believes in the power, culture and utility of a good design concept. They seek to complement a room and create an architecture of design in their own product. Their patterns are truly stunning and unique—you would be hard-pressed to find any company that creates tiny microtiles like they do, or rounded tiles that are naturalistic in their asymmetry. Are they a good choice for you? Let’s explore their available options and check out their prices.

Pricing and Designs

Brix can be difficult to find in America, but if you hunt online you can find them sold on certain European tile sites. The cheapest tiles go for around $30-$40 per square meter. They are not cheap, but you get what you pay for; they are designed by world renowned European artisans with extensive education and training.

Some of their kitchen tiles are hand painted with designs, others are more geometric, and a few are asymmetrical and evoke the spirits of nature. Their approach to tile is creative and they are attentive to detail. They are highly regarded and coveted by the public, who crave the kind of atmosphere their designs create for bathrooms designs and public spaces. However, with their price tag they are not always within an everyday person’s budget. If you can afford it, however, we recommend jumping on the opportunity.

Final Assessment

We think that this company is a great choice if you can afford them. Their tiles bring in a European sophistication and sensibility to any bathroom, kitchen, or public space and add much needed interest to a drab old room. A space will be forever interesting with Brix tiles on its floor or walls. The only problem is finding sites where they are sold, but with enough digging, you will be able to discover their entire collection.


Best Tile for a Dark Room

kitchen_task_lightingInstalling home tiles in your room creates harmony between the walls and the floor hence providing an attractive modern appearance. It is important that you buy the right type of home tiles in terms of material, texture, size and colour, as all these factors greatly influence the general appearance. For a dark room especially, you need to make a proper decision that will make it brighter and warmer.


Larger home tiles are better in a dark room as compared to smaller tiles as they tend to enlarge the space. You do not want to have a dark room that looks small and confined, as this may be uncomfortable for the inhabitants. Using many small home tiles makes the floor look extremely busy hence smaller. Therefore, install large tiles using grout lines of a similar color in between them to create a bigger visual display.


Experiment with tiles colors to find one that complements the dark colors. It is not a given that a brighter floor in a dark room will provide more light and make it brighter; in fact, a great contrast between the wall and floor colors may disrupt the harmony and make it look busier. Get advice from a home tiles expert on which color and hue is the best to achieve the desired results in your dark room.


How you lay the tiles on the floor will ultimately affect the way light falls on the floor thus creating a sense of space and brightness for your home or bathroom design. Arranging them in a diagonal manner enhances the visual aspects of space and light, but is highly dependent on the frequency of interruption by the walls and windows. Whatever choice of home tiles you make, ensure that you create a lively mood regardless of the darkness of the room.

Best Bathroom Tiles

Hirsch glass tealWhat can a person do to improve the tiling in the bathroom? The famous question: is it a do it yourself project or a company job thing? Did you know that you could even have matching bathroom tiles for the floor and the shower, as well as the counter? The designs of the tiles can go from simple to elaborate. One should do their research to know the best type and style of tile to get and utilize for the best bathroom tiles.


The amount of space, money, and product is the most important factor on helping you decide the best tile option for your household. Tile is the choice surface that is chosen for use in bathroom, it is easier to clean and generally easier to sanitize/prevent mold growth. Yes, there are other places that it can be used for, but now the main focus is upon bathroom tile. One of the greatest things is that there are so many different options to choose from like ceramic, porcelain and vinyl tiles, amongst many others.

There are several other types of tile out there, just be sure to check the application of installing, care, and warranty status when purchasing these tiles online or buying at the store. The truth be told, not all tile in the bathroom is best used in wet environments. You need to know the tiles ability to absorb water.

There truly is a lot of choosing to do when it comes to the best bathroom tiles. The things they think about is how would this tile feel. Another thing to think about is the choice of tile that is made not for the looks but also to withstand the demands of the bathroom.

Knowing is half the battle and now you have been equipped with the knowledge of the best bathroom tiles, so go out there and enjoy you new bathroom design!

Porcelanosa: Tile Inspired By Nature


While out shopping lately, have you noticed the sights, sounds and feelings of Autumn?  Bathroom designs are going back to the basics and basing their designs off nature. They are using neutral and more deep colors, and the shapes featured in their designs are mimicking plants and waves, giving designs an organic, yet subtle, feel. Keeping up with the trend, Porcelanosa bath & kitchen are bringing out nature inspired designs in tile.

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Happy Floors Tile Collection for Kitchen & Bath


Happy Floors Tile is a national distributor with a heavy emphasis on providing customers with environmentally responsible products, using recyclable material, ensuring that they only have minimal negative impact on the environment. These floors are designed to appeal to a variety of people, with options designed for home, business, indoor, and outdoor uses. There is literally no part of your home that you cannot beautify with this tasteful tile. These floors are eco-friendly, meaning that you can give yourself a big pat on the back for helping to conserve our planet’s natural resources.

happy floors bath


Now you too can have a beautiful looking home, with tile flooring so gorgeous it will give you pride for the rest of your life. With a tile floor by Happy Floors, a home becomes a place of elegance and class.

Verizon used Porcelanosa Products in their New Flagship Store

Verizon, IL-7

Verizon, one of the leading carriers for mobile and wireless technology, has used Porcelanosa products in their new flagship store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL.

Verizon Wireless has chosen PORCELANOSA Group for elegant and modern finishes for its flagship store in Chicago, located in the busy Michigan Avenue, one of the main shopping streets of the city known as the Magnificent Mile. Continue reading