Save money on a kitchen remodel! Part 2

Part 2 of Kitchen Remodels

Forget about those pricey accessories! Instead of roll-outs in every cabinet, just put one at the bottom of the most used boxes. Silverware drawers are often the most expensive from the manufacturer, but instead of paying the higher price think about using really nice inserts purchased online or at home stores (that are removable AND washable) for a fraction of the cost. Continue reading

Don’t Get Unhinged: Choosing the Right Hinge for your Project

While no one ever gets to see them, hinges are very vital to the functionality of the kitchen. There is definitely a right and wrong hinge to purchase for your project. So how do you know which hinge to choose? Here are a few things to add to your checklist when shopping for the right one. Continue reading

Tips to De-Clutter and Brighten Your Bathroom


Bathrooms like a kitchen just seem to attract clutter, it doesn’t matter how big or how small it is you can just walk in some days and think the closet or cabinets just exploded all over the room. There are some easy fixes to take care of this and make your life easier and more comfortable. So, take a deep breath and let’s dive in! Continue reading

Hastings Will Bring Luxury To Your Bathroom


If you are looking to upgrade a space in your home, Hastings is one of the manufactures that specializes in luxury from faucets and bathroom furniture, to interior design pieces to accentuate you home. Hastings is known worldwide for their contemporary and traditional designs and get their materials only from the best manufactures in Europe. Continue reading

Matte Black Is The New Black!


When we design, or redesign our homes we always look for what the latest trend may be. There have been white, modern designs and everyone has heard of orange is the new black. We black is back and making a dramatic appearance. Matte black is luxurious on its own but now it’s even more luxurious when combined with another matte finish or contrast metal finish. You may think you must add matte black everywhere to keep up with the trend. However, that is not true! It does not take much of this finish to create a dramatic detail in any interior space. Continue reading

Sizing up Your Kitchen and Bathroom


When you are remodeling your kitchen and bathroom, space and budget can be a challenge. One kitchen dilemma can be that the kitchen is too small. Remodeling can allow for the kitchen to seem large and spacious without causing financial hardship.

Tiny kitchens can feel confining when overhead cabinets are hovering over you in tight spaces. Many individuals cannot reach the higher levels and the feeling is restricting. Ponder shelving and hanging pot racks. This technique will give your kitchen look more “roomy” and not so cluttered. Continue reading

Choosing the Perfect Hardware


Whether you are updating your kitchen or your bath, choosing the right cabinet hardware is big decision. Consider which style, shape, and material will look best in your space before you buy.



The most popular type of cabinet hardware is the knob.  Decorative or simple in style, a cabinet knob is attached to a cabinet door or drawer with a single screw.



Often referred to as handles, cabinet pulls serve the same function as a knob but are larger.  Unlike knobs, pulls are attached to the cabinet door with two or more screws.

Cup Pulls

Cup pulls are a popular choice for giving a space a minimalist, vintage feel. The semi-circular shape provides an easy-to-open handle for drawers.

Bail Pulls

Unlike other types of pulls, bail pulls feature a hanging handle.  The hanging handle is easily grasped and allows opening drawers with ease.

Regardless of the type of hardware you choose, they are all available in a variety of styles and finishes.  You are sure to find the perfect ones to accent your space.

Medicine Cabinets – A Safe and Functional Part of your Bathroom

Medicine cabinets will not be the first thing you will think of when it comes to remodelingbath-medicine-cabinets-215-215 or creating your bathroom, but it is essential to the aesthetics and safety of your bathroom needs.  They are practical and if you pick the right look, will help create beautiful bathroom decor with functionality.  The medicine cabinet is designed to store a multitude of items that you need to keep safe and up high out of the reach of the wrong hands.  It’s a much needed bathroom storage addition and the safety of the items you put in your medicine cabinet will allow you to keep them in the bathroom and out of sight.

By using a medicine cabinet, you can store all your medications – prescription and non-prescription – out of sight and out of reach of children, including items that don’t seem like they would cause any harm.  For example, mouthwash can be extremely dangerous if ingested in large quantities by children.  Medicine cabinets provide a safe place that works with the look and feel of the rest of the bathroom and matches your bath fixtures to create an overall welcoming and warm décor.

Functional medicine cabinets can hold many items and provide worry free storage.  There are a multitude of choices and by picking the right one, you will be able to provide a comfortable look and feel throughout your entire room.  This can be accomplished by taking the time to get the color and design that you will love to look at and use on a daily basis.  Take the time to check out the variety of medicine cabinets available and choice the right option for your bathroom needs.

Make sure you choose a medicine cabinet that works for you.  They come in an array of shapes, styles, depths, and colors.  They can be recessed or wall mounted.  Recessed or concealed, as sometimes called, will require a little extra work due to the necessary hole cutting in the bathroom wall.  This type will allow for the mirror or face of the cabinet to sit almost flush against the wall and it will take up less space.  It will provide a cleaner, more custom look.  The wall mounted is the easiest style to install.  This type will hang on the wall like a picture frame.  Both have pros and cons, so make sure you check these out to help with your decision.  Stylistically, they range from simple rectangular or oval shaped to “decked out” with lights, adjustable shelving, sliding doors, and fog proof mirrors.  The designs usually come in traditional, contemporary, or transitional styles.  Let your personal preference and finished outlook guide your decision.

Medicine cabinets are more than a practical storage place for our necessary bathroom items, your reflection can also greet you in morning and can bid you good night before heading to bed.  It’s the go-to for most of our everyday needs and a must in every bathroom.  When making your decision, let your personal preference, home’s architecture and the desired finished product be your guide.

Long Lasting Kitchen Fixtures

FaucetWhen renovated, a pleasant and sturdy kitchen can increase the overall value of your property. Replacing kitchen fixtures such as countertops, stoves, cabinets, and lighting has a dramatic effect on the increase of your home’s value. Other fixtures that help bring out the true value of your home would be fixtures and items such as shelves, tiles, vanities, chairs and kitchen tables. Be sure to choose fixtures that accompany not only your home, but also your lifestyle.

During the start of your kitchen renovation process, you will notice kitchen fixtures have evolved to serve as efficient additions that enhance the beauty of your eating area. When it comes to the type of Faucets and kitchen sinks, your kitchen fixtures types can range from materials such as black granite, stainless steel, double-bowl vessel sinks, and granite composite sinks. These pieces are sold separately, to help you choose what designing needs you have.

There are several different options of cabinet knobs, to complement the countertops installed in your kitchen. One of these options is the California Faucet Brass Cabinet knob, which range in different models. When looking at cabinets, be sure the finish blends with other fixtures in your kitchen.

Another option to add in with your kitchen fixtures, are kitchen sink accessories such as basin racks, soap lotion dispensers, kitchen drains and colanders. These are great for décor and add that touch of convenience you’ll need to make your way around the kitchen. This and many other accessories are available for purchase, complimenting any kitchen fixture chosen. With all these choices, completion of your kitchen renovation will surely increase your home value considerably.

Now is the time to start looking for the perfect kitchen fixtures, choosing not only what is perfect for your home but what stands out for you and your family.

Siro Designs Helps You Add The Finishing Touches

Siro 3A piece of art is not complete until the details are finished. Add more flair to your home design or furniture project using Siro decorative hardware including cabinet handles, knobs, pulls, hooks, drawer handles, drawer knobs, drawer pulls, furniture handles, furniture knobs, furniture pulls, wardrobe hooks, and more!

Siro fixtures is an Austria-based company that has been a leading supplier of distinguished decorative hardware for more than 65 years. Offering a huge variety of styles, sizes, and materials has put them at the forefront of decorative hardware fashion. Continue reading