What You Need To Know About Farmhouse Sinks

Have you ever walked into a kitchen and the first thing you see is a big beautiful sink and thought “I have to have one!”? Well, that is a farmhouse sink. They are big and beautiful and stunning but they also have a down side. But nothing is perfect and if you know in advance what the downside is you will learn how to take care of it and love your farmhouse sink.

Let’s face it, accidents happen. Dishes and glasses are stacked in the sink and break. Silverware or utensils are tossed in and something gets broken, it is bound to happen. Farmhouse sinks are made to last so most of them are made from cast iron, this is not a forgiving material. When you drop your dishes and glassware into them breakage is inevitable.

One answer to this dilemma is to replace your breakables with a high-end break resistant dishes and glassware. You can also add a sink grid rack or rubber mat that will cushion your breakables.

When picking out your sink know that a white one, whether a farmhouse sink or a standard sink, will show more scratches and dirt. All sinks will show wear after a period of time but it is easy to keep your sink clean, beautiful and with a minimum of scratches.

Farmhouse sinks come in all shapes and sizes but also in several different materials to give your kitchen a certain flair. Native Trails offer beautiful sinks in copper and stone so you are not limited to only stainless steel or white. Stone Forest Kitchen Sinks have many choices of sinks and materials perfect for your kitchen.

With so many different styles and materials to choose from, Plumbtile can assist you in picking out the perfect sink for your kitchen.

Kitchen Makeovers Big and Little Changes

We all want to keep our kitchen up to date and trendy but we don’t always have the budget to do a full makeover. You might not be able to a full on makeover but there are a few little things you can do that will make a big difference in the look and feel of your kitchen.

Replacing your old faucet not only makes your sink more functional but also will change the look of your sink. Standard kitchen faucets rely on the side sprayer to clean tall pots and pans and that is not efficient. A taller faucet changes this and allows you to clean these pots and pan easier. With so many choices you will be able to get a faucet that works well for you and your kitchen.

Over the years the amount of use your cabinets get will  wear out the cabinet pulls and knobs. There is a large array of design, shapes, finishes, material, size, and placement that the choices are endless. Vicenza offers unique pulls and knobs aren’t just limited to the kitchen. If you want to add some bling to your room try replacing the old knobs and pulls with glass ones, Topex offers beautiful alternatives to the ones the existing pulls and knobs.

Accessories can make a huge difference in your kitchen by adding pops of color with new canisters or by replacing your old cutting board and prep bowls with new ones. Add or replace items such as soap dispensers, sink grids and basin racks to add a subtle touch.

One of the handiest changes you can make in your kitchen is to add a trash chute in your counter that goes directly to your garbage, compost or recycling bin. When you are working in your kitchen you no longer have to keep the trash can out or carry your trash and scraps across your clean floor to the trash.

No matter what look you are going for you can always find what you need to make your old kitchen new again at Plumbtile

Staying on Trends With Your Kitchen Designs

Everyone who cooks desires a kitchen that is functional, spacious and on trend with today’s market. A kitchen that has older appliances, bad lighting, flooring that is cracked with age just doesn’t show off your personality. A kitchen that is bright, with everything you need at your fingertips, and simply up to date will make anyone smile. It allows your personality to shine.

Having a one of a kind kitchen is as easy as you think. It’s something we all desire. Look at your kitchen now. See where you can update. Upgrade to make it a functionally beautiful, one of a kind work of art. If you have the space for it, kitchen islands are a huge trend now. A kitchen island can give you more counter space and even additional seating. If you are able to put the sink and stove on your island, it will allow you to put countertops in their place, as well as free up the wall for additional cabinets.

There are so many options to make your kitchen your own. If you love color and art, think about a glass backsplash. You can even think of a few strategically placed focal tiles in interesting shapes and design. Lighting is another way to bring life back into your kitchen. Pendant lights are making a huge comeback. They are wonderfully different and look great in any kitchen. You can get the lights all together with the base and globes. If you love the base but hate the globes, you can purchase the base and pick your own globes.

Now you can tie in all that planning, design and colors with a beautiful floor. If you love the rustic, earthy look but don’t want hardwood in your kitchen, think about a tile that looks like hardwood. If you love color and art, look at mosaic tiles for that tropical flavor.

For the tight budget option, there is still hope for the “wow factor”. Consider purchasing a higher quality tile as a focal point. This way, you will get the pop you are looking for and still stay on budget. Don’t ever think just because you are on a budget that you have to settle for ordinary. It just takes a little to make it extraordinary!

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Different Bathrooms For Different People

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Getting Your Bathroom Retirement Ready


Is Your Bathroom Retirement Ready?

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